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  • Sealund Serious Games - to engage learners in experiences which increase retention and improve performance.
  • Welcome to the Minecraft in School Wiki! It is devoted to hosting ideas, lessons, implementation strategies and more related to using the game, Minecraft in a school setting. Minecraft's simple "sandbox" virtual environment can be an excellent tool for engaging student learning: Game-based learning, virtual worlds, and simulations are emerging tools for reaching learners.
  • Defining Game Mechanics: Game mechanics are methods invoked by agents for interacting with the game world such as Rez, Every Extend Extra and Shadow of the Colossus
  • Fun-ware Game mechanics: Fun sells. Proof? Gowalla, MyTown and Foursquare
10 Gaming Genres To Adapt In Class
James Paul Gee: Learning Principles

In his book, What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy, James Paul Gee derives a set of learning principles from his study of the complex, self-directed learning each game player undertakes as s/he encounters and masters a new game. He suggests that adherence to these principles could transform learning in schools, colleges and universities, both for teachers and faculty and, most importantly, for students.
60 Educational Game Sites That You’ve Probably Never Seen « Tech:-)Happy

Ok, so you’ve probably seen some of these, but I needed a snazzy title. I recently compiled two lists of sites from Richard Byrne’s Blog – the site is an amazing resource, and I’m pretty certain that Richard doesn’t sleep. These aren’t in order of greatness – they all have their own specific applications for education. A few of these appear on my Sites for Kids (and Teachers) page.
UNITY: Game Development Tool

Unity Technologies is revolutionizing the game development industry with Unity, its breakthrough development platform for creating highly interactive 3D content - including video games, training simulations and medical and architectural visualizations - on the web, mobile and console.
Raph’s Website » The Fundamentals of Game Design
Video Games Win a Beachhead in the Classroom -

One morning last winter I watched a middle-school teacher named Al Doyle give a lesson, though not your typical lesson. This was New York City, a noncharter public school in an old building on a nondescript street near Gramercy Park, inside an ordinary room that looked a lot like all the other rooms around it, with fluorescent lights and linoleum floors and steam-driven radiators that hissed and clanked endlessly.
Educational Technology and Life » Blog Archive » Video Games in Education: An Annotated Bibliography

The following is a draft of the annotated bibliography I’ve prepared for my advisor based on the last fifteen entries on this blog. (This has been reformated for sharing on this blog.) Perhaps others may find these brief annotations useful…
Buy WoW Accounts - Sell WoW Accounts -

A site for auctioning off video game characters and other digital assets
Ludoliteracy: Defining, Understanding, and Supporting Games Education ~ Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes

Jose Zagal's Ludoliteracy, a book about games in education, is now available. You can get the free PDF download here or purchase a print version for your library. The book offers an interesting perspective. Designing games that produce authentic and non-trivial learning experiences is not simple.
Video Games - China - Money - Online Games - New York Times

It was an hour before midnight, three hours into the night shift with nine more to go. At his workstation in a small, fluorescent-lighted office space in Nanjing, China, Li Qiwen sat shirtless and chain-smoking, gazing purposefully at the online computer game in front of him. The screen showed a lightly wooded mountain terrain, studded with castle ruins and grazing deer, in which warrior monks milled about. Li, or rather his staff-wielding wizard character, had been slaying the enemy monks since 8 p.m., mouse-clicking on one corpse after another, each time gathering a few dozen virtual coins — and maybe a magic weapon or two — into an increasingly laden backpack.

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