Google has recently released dozens of lessons for exploring computational thinking through the use of Python programming. Exploring computational thinking through Python is a series of lessons in which middle school and high school students use Python to try to put mathematics and science concepts to use.

Computational Fairy Tales is a collection of stories written by Jeremy Kubica to introduce computer science concepts. The goal of each story is to provide an overview and illustration of a single computer science concept before presenting the full technical details. The stories cover a range of topics, including: data structures, algorithms, introductory programming, and practical programming tips. Here is the access the full list of stories

furby1.JPGThis is certainly a new way to encourage interest in computer science. It may be worthwhile "dissecting" a Furby or hacking a Boogie Bass! Furbys, Boogie Basses, and other computer-controlled children's toys and novelties are easy to take apart and modify, and they demonstrate in a very real and hands-on way how computer science is used in everyday life.